Spa "Pevonia Botanica"

The fine spa experience in a rich natural environment

In the Spa, you will see Mount Fuji and a garden spreading out from a window and feel the natural light overflown. Treatments received in a beautiful nature of Nipondaira will release you from daily stress, relax and recharge your body and mind.

The Spa provides various menus, from a light 60-minute-course to a luxurious 180-minute-course, and is ready for offering you a relaxing day in Nippondaira Hotel.
Spa Pevonia Botanica is pleased to introduce you Pevonia Botanica, the best skin-care brand loved by the world celebrities. Please enjoy beautiful nature surrounded and the delight spa experience with Pevonia Botanica brand.


<Spa Pevonia Botanica>
  2nd floor, Nippondaira Hotel
  Open:10:00~21:00 (L.19:30)


Please call and make a reservation.
Phone : 054-335-1239

About Spa Pevonia Botanica

About Pevonia Botanica

The Spa located in the hotel is the very first "Pevonia Botanica" speciality salon in Japan.
Pevonia Botanica was developed by Mr. and Ms. Hennessy from South France, in U.S. The products are used fine plant-derived ingredients and have been developed through a collaborative research with a world top-class research institute.
The Pevonia Botanica brand maintains a harmonious balance with nature and its resources. The company has throughly used 100% recycled papers and biodegradable, eco-friendly packaging, and supports activities involving in preserving precious resources of the planet.


All skincare items are made of plant or marine-derived ingredients.
Pevonia Botanica has a concept of "combination of blessings of nature with cutting-edge technology". The company has done research and developed not just natural-oriented cosmetics, but functional cosmetics bringing in great results.


The spa salon has treatment rooms, a vichy shower room, a relaxation room, and a couple treatment room. Maternity beds are set up for expecting mothers, so that they are able to get treatment with the most comfortable posture for a long time.


The salon provides various course menu including facial and body massage treatments, vichy shower* and stone therapy in addition to basic treatments. Treatments for expecting mothers and men are also available.

*Vichy shower
The vichy shower is a horizontal shower bar with shower nozzles arranged so that the entire body is covered with a gentle water stream, which brings deep relaxation.
The water pressure can be controlled from light to strong, depending on the client's condition.

Power Repair line delivers high-concentration of marine collagen and marine elastin to skin cells, with cutting-edge technologies.
Marine DNA gives skin moisture and brings elasticity back, which results in skin rejuvenation. It also tightens pores. The courses are recommended for those who would like to lighten the skin.

  • Power Repair Treatment 60min  \16,200
    Mainly facial treatment
  • Power Repair Treatment 90min  \21,200
    Full facial treatment combined with around shoulder blade and hand massages
  • Power Repair Treatment 120min  \26,200
    Full massage treatment of facial and body
  • Power Repair Treatment 150min  \31,200
    Full body massage, facial and head massage


Choose either Power Repair line or Lumafirm line. The products help reducing wrinkles and improving loss of elasticity, while protecting the skin from daily skin troubles.

  • Gentleman Facial 120min  \26,200
    Spa body and facial treatment
  • Getleman Facial 150min  \31,200
    Spa body treatment, facial and head massage
  • Gentleman facial 180min  \36,200
    Vichy shower, spa body treatment, facial and head massage


The treatment introduces an anti-aging concept into body-care in the very first time for the spa industry. Active ingredients from tropical fruits are infiltrated into skin cells, which help improving pigmentation and wrinkles. It brings remarkable change in body-age

  • Tropical Treatment 90min   \18,000
    Body scrub, vichy shower, back treatment
  • Tropical Treatment 120min  \20,400
    Body scrub, vichy shower, body mask, body treatment


The courses make every expecting mother's wish to bring comfort and relaxation. Enjoy and relax accompanying a baby-to-be-born lying on the special maternity bed.

  • Maternity Treatment 60min  \16,200
    Mainly facial treatment
  • Maternity Treatment 90min  \21,200
    Skin, leg, and shoulder treatment
  • Maternity Treatment 120min  \26,200
    Full facial treatment, body treatment (mainly of legs, shoulders, back and lower back), and head treatment


  • Plan A  \62,800
    Full facial treatment, chest, back, and arm treatment: 2 times
    Body scrub, body whitening mask: 1 time
    Plan A is recommended for those who would like to get a short-term intensive care on the body part concerned most.
  • Plan B  \125,600
    Full skin treatment, chest, back, and arm treatment: 4 times
    Body scrub, body whitening mask: 2 times
    Plan B is recommended those who have about 2 months till a wedding and would like to get treatment at their own pace.
  • Plan C  \185,600
    Full skin treatment, chest, back, and arm treatment: 4 times
    Body scrub, body whitening mask: 2 times
    Facial and back waxing is also included, so that the skin gets brighter on the wedding.
    Plan C is recommended for those who have about 3 months till a wedding and would like to get spot waxing.


Lumafirm line contains the most current and effective cosmetic ingredients presently running over the world. The products bring the skin easy to penetrate active ingredients remarkably. Such skin condition is only seen in circadian rhythm. Lumafirm line gives immediate and impressive results; reducing skin sag, improving dullness, and tightening facial line.

  • Lumafirm Treatment 60min  \16,200
    Mainly facial treatment
  • Lumafirm Treatment 90min  \21,200
    Full skin treatment, around shoulder blade and hand massage treatment
  • Lumafirm Treatment 120min  \26,200
    Full facial and body treatment
  • Lumafirm Treatment 150min  \31,200
    Body spa treatment, skin and head massage


Spa body treatment is performed by using a blended massage oil containing safflower oil and grape seed oil, which moisturize and nourish the skin, and increase skin elasticity. The treatment can be customized, depending on health and skin condition of a client.

  • Spa body treatment 60min  \12,000
    Body massage treatment
  • Spa body treatment 90min  \16,200
    Foot bath and body massage treatment


Sabai stone therapy is to release tension of the body muscles by using stones warmed by the therapist's hands. Hot stones keep the body warm by subcutaneous 3.5cm, and it has been said that one may experience therapeutic effects on the mind. Clients with a shoulder ache and back ache, and men love the stone therapy.

  • Sabai Stone Therapy 90min  \16,200
    Footbath and body stone theapy


One can receive Journeys accompanying with significant others in a coupling room.
The course includes Nippondaira water bath or vichy shower, customized facial and body treatment.

  • 180min  \36,200
    Nippondaira water bath or vichy shower, facial treatment, spa body treatment, head treatment


The product contains skin-friendly, and a 98%-natural-ingredient. It removes hair and dead skin cells immediately. It can be applied to the entire body. The treatment is also chosen as a bridal course menu.

  • 30min  \3,000
  • 60min  \10,000


*Spa treatment is performed to a person at age of 18 or older.
*For those who are currently receiving medical treatment or have previous illness, please consult the physician prior to making reservation.

*A 30-minute will be needed for pre- and after consultation, and preparation of treatment.
*Late arrival may result in shortening treatment or changing menu.
*24 hour (working hours) advance notice is required to cancel or reschedule.
*No-call or cancellations made on the day of reservation will result in 50% charge of services reserved.
*Please avoid excessive alcohol intake prior to or following a treatment.