Banquets & Meeting

"Nippondaira" Ballroom"Nippondaira" Ballroom

This is the largest hall that we provide at the hotel, and we have equipped it with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment. Guests can use this hall for a wide-range of applications, including international conferences, exhibitions, banquets, and wedding receptions.

バンケットルーム「富士」 バンケットルーム「富士」

We have designed this room with the intention of harmonizing it with the expansive natural scenery that can be viewed from its large windows. Guests can enjoy banquets against the gentle backdrop of the seasonal beauty that is reflected in our outdoor greenery and lawns.


アッパーバンケット「銀河」 アッパーバンケット「銀河」

This room looks out over Mount Fuji and Suruga Bay from a height of 267 meters above sea level. The unmatched view from this room makes it perfect for banquets or dinners with loved ones.

ファンクションルーム「三保」 ファンクションルーム「三保」

This room is optimal for small and medium-sized meetings, etc. The room can also be divided into two sections.


Banquet halls: overview of facilities (Wi-Fi connections are available in all of the rooms.)

Floor Room Room setup Area Ceiling height Capacity (number of guests)
Dinner Stand-up meal School Theater
1F "Nippondaira" Ballroom Entire room: I & II 535m² 6m 300 470 300 480
Nippondaira I 310m² 6m 200 260 170 230
Nippondaira II 205m² 6m 100 190 100 150
"Fuji" Banquet Room Entire room (cannot be divided) 280m² 4.5m 150 230 160 240
"Miho" Function Room Entire room 110m² 4.5m 50 90 50 100
Divided 55m² 4.5m 25 40 25 50
6F "Ginga" Upper Banquet Room Entire room 190m² 3.5m 80 160 100 150
Divided 95m² 3.5m 40 80 50 70
"Suruga" Upper Banquet Room Entire room 90m² 3.5m 40 80 50 70
Divided 45m² 3.5m 20 40 20 40